An invitation to wellness

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I wanted our first post to be an invitation to you all. An invitation to read, learn, grow, converse, and be inspired.

Like most people who find themselves gravitating towards a career in wellness, I too have been on a journey with my own wellbeing. Over the past year I have become increasingly aware and interested in how lifestyle choices impact a person's health, including my own personal struggle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Now as a self-proclaimed wellness enthusiast, fully fledged vegan and new found healthy living, I decided to launch Fulfil.

Our goal at Fulfil is to create incredible content and in turn, build a community who are fuelled by positivity and equipped with the knowledge to live a wholesome life.

From sustainable living to nutrition, meditation to natural skincare, we will be discussing all things wellness with an array of seasoned guests. We also value connection and collaboration. Our Wellness Directory will link to all our featured brands/people to allow you to easily access their services and products.

We already have so many amazing brands and individuals lined up to share their wisdom with us and we cannot wait to include you in our conversations.

Keep up to date with our latest news by following our Instagram. Wellness incoming...


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