Cryo tools: a freezing home facial

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Cold, colder, coldest


Beauty procedures are progressively getting more strange, expensive, and invasive. Where there is a place in the industry for these elaborate techniques, they’re not for everyone. Some of us prefer a painless alternative, both on the skin and the old bank account, and Cyro Tools are the ultimate fix.

Ever thought you’d be reaching past the frozen peas in a bid for better skin? Us neither – until now.

These freezer-stored facial tools work by rapidly cooling the surface of the skin and increasing blood flow. The result? A calm, de-puffed and radiant complexion.

Only a few minutes of icy rolling gives the appearance of tighter pores, firmer skin, and a brighter eye area.

They’re also extremely affordable at just £55.00 per pair from Oxygen Boutique and unlike some beauty treatments, you can keep reusing until your heart’s content. Not to mention it’s an incredibly relaxing ritual in itself. We like to use ours every morning, especially around the eye area, whilst pretending we woke up like this.

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